We Are Building Our Own Equity Now

My husband and I decided to look at some realtors in Denver when our landlord told us that we were not going to be able to renew our lease. We did not hold any bad feelings about this because we knew that he needed the house for his son who was returning from serving overseas. It also jump started us on finding a place that we could actually call our very own, instead of just a house that we are renting. The house we had been renting was really nice, and I knew that we did not want to go from that to an apartment either.

I contacted one of the realtors that we had found, and I explained that we were only interested in luxury homes that were on a piece of property that is at least three quarters of an acre. I thought there might be a few in the Denver area, but there are so many more than that that had everything else that we wanted too. We wanted to have three bedrooms, a home office, a patio that was designed for entertaining, a swimming pool, and ample parking.

When the realtor gave me a list that was a few pages long, I knew that we had come to the right person. I was really happy to go through the lists too, and I narrowed down our search to two properties. We went and looked at both of them, and I could not believe my eyes when we saw the second one. I had seen pictures, which were gorgeous, but they did not do this property justice. I told my husband that we had to make an offer that day, which we did. We closed on it not too much after that, and it feels amazing to finally be building equity for ourselves instead of someone else.

I Needed to Make Sure That None of the Kids I Care for Overheated

I always knew that I wanted a career working with children. I had originally hoped to be a teacher, but because I became pregnant, I decided to put that off. But things worked out fine because my husband saved a little money hoping that I would be interested in opening a daycare one day. I was definitely interested! Things were going good, but just last week I needed air conditioner repair in NYC when the old unit at the daycare went out in the middle of a very hot day.

It is often assumed that the weather never gets above 80 or so degrees here in the city, but that is not true. It can shoot up into the 90s easily in the hottest months. That is not to bad in your own apartment if you have lots of windows to open and a few fans. But when kids are involved, and the daycare building that I have has very few windows, then it can become sweltering inside rather quickly. Just like seniors, you can’t let little kids get hot or you can end up with health problems rather quickly.

All of my employees brought in fans from home. We had to open a door, but I made sure to stand near it at all times to make sure that none of the kids wandered outside. Then, one of my employees called a company to come look to see what we needed as far as the air conditioning goes. They showed up and said they had the exact model we have and could replace it within just hours. This made give a sigh of relief. I was pretty concerned that it could take many days. By afternoon, the place was nice and chilly again and he kids were busy playing as normal.