Worked Up at Oak Ridge This Weekend

I spent the weekend working the horse show at Oak Ridge, which is a really big deal if you have not been there before. Of course parking is a huge problem, since this is a little town and there are big crowds at this place every year. At any rate my job is to ferry people from this big field that was being used for parking to the show grounds, a few of them decked out in equestrian competition clothing. They have all sorts of events and I got to see a bit of it. Obviously after a certain point the traffic is not really flowing too much. At any rate I was sitting there with my cell phone in my hand waiting for people to show up and ask for a ride back, but they did not start to leave for some time. In the mean time I got to watch the pretty girls and the other sights.

I need to save up as much money as I can before I go back to Chapel Hill. Like most college students I have been working a menial job, but it pays very much like a menial job and I need money to keep myself fed and sheltered. The last semester things went pretty badly, I had been sharing an apartment with another guy for most of a year. He was always a bit strange, but not so much that it had any effect on me. At some point he started to behave really bizarrely, which honestly only effected me because he stopped coming up with his share of the rent and utilities. It is not so hard to figure out that he had come off his medications now, because when he vanished the empty bottles were left behind. It really put me in a hole.

This is What Happens when You Do the Corporate Party the Right Way

I remember our last party at the corporate office. They had food in the break room, and we had some music in the large training center. It was boring. I should have wrote “boring” very drawn out with a lot of the letter “o.” I cannot tell you how boring it was. The people tasked with setting it up did not want to have it, and none of the staff wanted to come in the first place. Then I got tasked with planning the next one. The first thing I did was look at corporate entertainment hire. I needed a reason for people to want to come out to the party, and I needed to make it memorable.

Hiring professional entertainment for our corporate party helped compete with the Friday evening dramas on the telly and the action movies at the cinema. The next step was hiring a special caterer known for providing exceptionally great food. This would attract all the foodies who would otherwise have been going to a restaurant on a Friday night. You have to cater to the senses to make a party grand. The entertainment and the food were two big things that would cover a lot of the senses.

Management told me they could push for attendance at the party in a way that almost made it sound mandatory. I told them there would be no need for that. I told them it would be a packed house and that we were not having it at the offices. People don’t want to go to a party at work. They want to show up at a nice place and be catered to for an evening. We rented a nice banquet facility. The only problem with doing such a great job at this is that I will get picked to arrange every corporate party from now on.

I Needed to Make Sure That None of the Kids I Care for Overheated

I always knew that I wanted a career working with children. I had originally hoped to be a teacher, but because I became pregnant, I decided to put that off. But things worked out fine because my husband saved a little money hoping that I would be interested in opening a daycare one day. I was definitely interested! Things were going good, but just last week I needed air conditioner repair in NYC when the old unit at the daycare went out in the middle of a very hot day.

It is often assumed that the weather never gets above 80 or so degrees here in the city, but that is not true. It can shoot up into the 90s easily in the hottest months. That is not to bad in your own apartment if you have lots of windows to open and a few fans. But when kids are involved, and the daycare building that I have has very few windows, then it can become sweltering inside rather quickly. Just like seniors, you can’t let little kids get hot or you can end up with health problems rather quickly.

All of my employees brought in fans from home. We had to open a door, but I made sure to stand near it at all times to make sure that none of the kids wandered outside. Then, one of my employees called a company to come look to see what we needed as far as the air conditioning goes. They showed up and said they had the exact model we have and could replace it within just hours. This made give a sigh of relief. I was pretty concerned that it could take many days. By afternoon, the place was nice and chilly again and he kids were busy playing as normal.

We Are Building Our Own Equity Now

My husband and I decided to look at some realtors in Denver when our landlord told us that we were not going to be able to renew our lease. We did not hold any bad feelings about this because we knew that he needed the house for his son who was returning from serving overseas. It also jump started us on finding a place that we could actually call our very own, instead of just a house that we are renting. The house we had been renting was really nice, and I knew that we did not want to go from that to an apartment either.

I contacted one of the realtors that we had found, and I explained that we were only interested in luxury homes that were on a piece of property that is at least three quarters of an acre. I thought there might be a few in the Denver area, but there are so many more than that that had everything else that we wanted too. We wanted to have three bedrooms, a home office, a patio that was designed for entertaining, a swimming pool, and ample parking.

When the realtor gave me a list that was a few pages long, I knew that we had come to the right person. I was really happy to go through the lists too, and I narrowed down our search to two properties. We went and looked at both of them, and I could not believe my eyes when we saw the second one. I had seen pictures, which were gorgeous, but they did not do this property justice. I told my husband that we had to make an offer that day, which we did. We closed on it not too much after that, and it feels amazing to finally be building equity for ourselves instead of someone else.